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About Minneapolis, MN

The City of Minneapolis is located in Hennepin County. It is the largest city in Minnesota and serves as the center of finance, industry, trade, and transportation for the Upper Midwest region of the United States.

Minneapolis encompasses 57.4 square miles, including five square miles of inland water. The City rests along the banks of the nation’s largest river, the Mississippi. Minneapolis is known as “The City of Lakes,” featuring 22 lakes and 170 city parks. The Minneapolis Park System is one of the City’s most prized assets and considered one of the premier park systems in the United States. Properties of the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board total nearly 6,732 acres of land and water and include full-service neighborhood recreation centers.

As the major city within the larger metropolitan area, Minneapolis enjoys a strong and highly diverse business foundation of companies involved in manufacturing supercomputers, electronics, medical instruments, milling, machine manufacturing, food processing and graphic arts. In addition, with seven hospitals and the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis is a nationally known medical center that produces many high technology medical products.

The Team

Dushani Dye

Chief Financial Officer

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Allen E. Hoppe, CFA, CTP

Director - Banking, Investments and Debt

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Dave Wheeler

Manager – Banking, Investments & Debt

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Jeff Metzen

Senior Debt Analyst

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